Funny Questions

Ever have funny questions pop into your head, and wonder how to get answers? Now you can get answers to all those funny questions in one place. Check these out, they're all really funny.


  • Heaven and Hell? Find out if you'll go to Heaven or Hell with this funny quiz! Great test to determine...do you know? The Heaven or Hell Test will tell you!
  • Redneck quizzes rock, and this is the best one yet. Are you a redneck? Take our fun redneck quiz to find out the truth about yourself. The Redneck Test!
  • Are you a total Ditz? Have you been called a Dumb Blonde...even though you aren't blonde? Take the fun Ditzy Quiz to see if you are a Total Ditz or not.
  • There are many superheros to choose from, but which superhero are you? Are you a daring or dorky? Find out with the Superhero Test!
  • The age old question continues... Are You A Pirate or a Ninja? Thank goodness the Ninja or Pirate Test exists.
  • Do you hear voices telling you to take quizzes? Test your sanity. Take the Crazy Test and find out what kind of crazy you are!
  • For all the guys - are you a real man? Wonder how manly you are? Be a man - find out!
  • Are you a loser? Maybe! But what kind? Are you a dork,nerd, geek, or loser? Find out, take the geeky Loser Quiz!!
  • Which of the Seven Deadly Sins Are You? Greed, sloth, vanity, wrath, envy, gluttony, or lust? What is your sin? Find out what kind of deadly sin you are with the Seven Deadly Sins Test!
  • If you were in the Mafia, where would you rank? Take the quiz!
  • Like the booze? Find out what kind of Drunk you are with our fun Drunk Quiz! Are you a happy drunk? Affectionate Drunk? Find out.
  • Do you love Beer? What kind of beer are you? Take the Which Type Of Beer Are You Test to see.
  • Are you a nerd? Do you know? If you think you might be a nerd and want to test it, take this fun personality quiz to see!! The NERD QUIZ...Are You Nerdy?
  • Take the How Will I Die Test to find out how you will die and when! This funny test will tell you your fate.
  • Need...caffeine...Love coffee? What kind of coffee are you? Find out what coffee you are. The Which Coffee Are You Test!
  • Which baseball player are you? Take the baseball quiz and find out!
  • Take this quiz to find out which decade you should have been born in!
  • If you were a fart, would you be loud and obnoxious or silent but deadly? Find out whatfart you are with the fart quiz!
  • Would you be one of the victims or would you survive to the closing credits?
  • There are many Greek Goddesses, but which one best matches your personality? Take the Greek Goddess Personality Quiz!