Am I Pregnant? - Pregnancy quiz


Wondering whether you are pregnant can drive you insane. Think that you might be pregnant? Take this quiz, full of pregnancy facts and humorous old wives' tales, to find out if you are with child! The Pregnancy Quiz answers that urgent question, Am I Pregnant?

  1. Have you tested positive using a home pregnancy test?

  2. Do you have a cat or dog who is acting strangely, or following you around more than usual?

  3. Are you being unusually forgetful?

  4. Have you experienced constipation?

  5. It's biologically impossible for a man to get pregnant, but we have to ask, are you a man or a woman?

  6. Do you have a heightened sensitivity to smells?

  7. Have you been having slight abdominal cramping, but you haven't started your period?